Private Venture Fund - Equity

This Swiss based funder is a Moody's rated global private (320b) fund and will fund 100% of the project and take a 50% equity stake along with one board seat.

This finance is reserved for projects that are of top quality and carry minimal risk based on the facts presented in the clients request for Capital. Often these type of projects will attract funding that is more competitive than what could be found in the traditional capital markets.

The institutions funding this area would expect the project to be ready with access to the this finance being the final step to make it happen.

All industry segments need to have certain criteria before anything can be submitted, for more information on this please contact us

You will be informed within about ten working days after applying if your funding has reached an LOI commitment, after which a conference call will be lined up directly with the funder.

Availability to Funds: 6 months (from start to finish)

Company: Private Companies only

Capital Requirement: $25m-$5b

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